The School venue will be the Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas y Geofísicas, at the Observatory of La Plata, located in the intersections of Av. Iraola and Av. Centenario, Paseo del Bosque. You can access this area from the intersection of Avenue 1 and Street 53rd. Here is a link to the map of La Plata city.

La Plata is the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 1882, it is recognized by its carefully planned design: a perfect square crossed by diagonals forming rhombuses, spangled with green areas exactly every six streets.


The city is the seat of the government of the Province. It enjoys a lively cultural life with several theatres and museums, notably the Argentinian Theatre (the second most important opera house in the country) and the Museum of Natural Sciences. The monumental Cathedral of La Plata, located in the geographical centre of the city, is the largest Neogothic temple in South America. Other remarkable buildings include the Curuchet House, the only work by the renowned architect Le Corbusier in Latin America, which has been designated UNESCO World Heritage Site this year.


La Plata is located 60 km south of the City of Buenos Aires. The nearest international airport is Ministro Pistarini Airport (usually referred to as "Ezeiza"), at 80km from La Plata.

Manuel Tienda León offers a shuttle service Ezeiza-La Plata-Ezeiza with six departures a day (6:00h, 8:30h, 11:00h, 14.20h, 20:00h, 22.30h). The travel lasts 1.30h. In order to ensure availability you should make a reservation in advance. The phone numbers of their office in La Plata are: +54-221-425-1140, and +54-9-221-548-8586 (mobile phone). There is a Whatsapp number: +54-9-11-5450-9599.

The nearest domestic airport is Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires. Some international flights, mainly from neighbouring countries, operate from Aeroparque as well.

Manuel Tienda Leon also offers a service of a private car (called "remis") from Ezeiza and from Aeroparque.

Buenos Aires and La Plata are very well connected by highway. There are regular bus services at all hours from La Plata Bus Terminal to downtown Buenos Aires (travel time approximately one hour).

Please contact us if you need help.


Participants are expected to make their own lodging arrangements. La Plata offers a variety of options, from four-star hotels to youth hostels.


  1. Hotel Corregidor
  2. San Marco Hotel
  3. Hotel Roga
  4. Via 51 Apart Hotel
  5. Hotel & Apart Argentino
  6. Hotel del Rey
  7. Hotel del Sol
  8. La Plata Hotel


  1. Vendrás alguna vez


  1. Único Eco Hostel Boutique
  2. Frankville
  3. Baldomero Hostel
  4. Hostel de las Artes
  5. La Plata Hostel

Another options are furnished appartments that you can find in the web pages:

  1. AIRBNB: In this case you need to create your own profile to make a reservation.
  2. Departamentos temporales
  3. Acar Suites
In the last two cases, we can help you by phoning directly to the administration.

Official exchange rate 1 US dollar = AR$ 19.45 (15/02/18)